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Peter Brindley interviews Khairil Musa and they discuss Khairils passion outside of medicine: dance.

This Pacific Island Playlist chosen by Khairil opens with Medicine by Daughter and closes with Momma’s Prayers by JP Cooper 

Peter Brindley

Lucky Canadian Intensivist who is happiest whenever outdoors or laughing. Thinks life is about finding meaning and showing gratitude: even if I don’t always succeed. So pleased to be here sharing ideas and encouraging community.


Khairil A Musa

Khairil Musa is an Intensive Care Registrar from Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. He is passionate about Trauma and Cardiac Intensive Care and also enjoys teaching and mentoring junior doctors. Out of the ICU Khairil is a classically trained dancer and choreographer, and was the mastermind of the DAS SMACC Opening Ceremony, and continued in this role for SMACC 19. Working closely with Roger and Oli, Khairil helps in the creation of a memorable SMACC experience and contributes to the creative design and theming of the conference.