About Us

Coda is a highly engaged and active community of healthcare professionals. Founded by the same team that created the SMACC worldwide conference series, our mission is to come together and use our collective power to advocate for solutions to urgent global health challenges.

There are four central commitments (Coda Pillars) in our mission, which provide the framework for the community to act:

Moving together with clear actions with have an impact. We take action to solve urgent challenges by a 5 stage process:

  1. Identify– what actions are meaningful, achievable and sustainable.
  2. Examine– expert groups design action plans at Micro, Meso and Macro levels.
  3. Propose– actions are proposed to the community for review, modification and acceptance.
  4. Share/Mobilise – the modified actions are shared and adopted by the global health community.
  5. Measure outcomes– to ensure action is meaningful.

Here is the progress we made in the past year

Why You

We know that being part of our active, engaged and connected community is incredible rewarding and inspiring for its participants.

The feeling of belonging within this community is profound, and it creates an atmosphere of shared trust and safety. It’s an environment that promotes creativity and fulfils our purpose as healthcare providers and professionals.

Whether you attend the Coda events or are part of the virtual community, you will feel connected, and this in turn provides enormous inspiration, revitalisation and hope for the future.