Coda is aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to guide best practice. We will be doing this in consultation with our global healthcare community, addressing the 4 pillars (Earth, Ethics, Cure and Education), which will culminate in the actions presented at the annual Coda events.

Good Health and Well-Being

The heart of our Coda Cure pillar is to promote good health and wellbeing. In particular, our action vision for Coda will be around the global burden of sepsis in LMIC.

Quality Education

The Coda Education pillar focuses on access to free and open access education and supports equitable access regardless of gender and/or economics. It is proposed that Coda 2023 action agenda will focus on this pillar.

Gender Equality

The Coda community embraces policies supporting both gender equality and equity. Our previous events with the SMACC community pioneered gender equality within our faculty, and our agenda for Coda 2021 will focus on action around gender equality.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Our Coda Earth pillar is focusing on the climate emergency as a critical threat to global health. Central to our action agenda for Coda 2020 will be clean energy policies.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The Coda Earth pillar is addressing the enormous contribution of healthcare to carbon emissions and the importance of innovation in reducing both waste and healthcare’s carbon footprint.

Reduced Inequalities

The Coda community is committed to diversity and particularly supporting those most vulnerable among us. This is reflected in our commitment to free open access education, along with previous programs such as SMACC Reach.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

As a healthcare community we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of healthcare, which will be a central component to the actions presented at Coda 2020.

Responsible Consuption and Production

The Coda Earth pillar is supporting the implementation of actions to achieve sustainable healthcare.

Climate Action

The climate emergency has been identified by the Coda community as the most urgent threat to global health. Accordingly, the Coda Earth pillar has a focus on the climate emergency, producing actions to mitigate the effect of healthcare on climate.

Partnership for the goals

The Coda community is committed to forging new global partnerships for sustainable development.