Coda is a global health community that comes together to quickly generate, prove and share revolutionary healthcare ideas to solve urgent global health challenges.

Founded by the same team that created the SMACC worldwide conference series, the Coda community is driven by four key values:


We believe breakthrough solutions come from the active exchange of different perspectives and ideas between people of different backgrounds, talents and contributions. We look for the creative power of committed people from all disciplines, professions, countries and cultures, united around a single cause.


We’re driven to make a real and lasting difference to world health and patient experiences. So, we are focused on actions, outputs and outcomes, as well as the exchange of ideas. We are active, proactive and energetic because our greatest reward is to see our ideas put into practice, and making a difference.


The toughest, most urgent health problems will only be solved through creative thinking. We are constantly exploring cutting edge thinking and aspire to develop innovative, world-changing ideas that will take world health and patient experiences to the next level. Our creativity and our ability to think and act differently help us to deliver more engaging, compelling and effective collaborations.


We exist to make the world a healthier place. Our urgency, our action orientation and our ability to collaborate all come from our shared care for humanity and the human condition. People are our focus, and people will make the difference.