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Climate change is a real and accelerating existential danger. Urgent action is required to halt its progression, and everyone can contribute. Pollution mitigation represents an important opportunity for much needed leadership from the health community. It is a threat that will directly and seriously impact the health and well-being of current and future generations.


Inhalational anaesthetics are a significant contributor to healthcare-related greenhouse gas emissions, and minimising their climate impact represents a meaningful and achievable intervention. A challenge exists in translating well-established knowledge about inhalational anaesthetic pollution into practical action.


This new guideline is designed to provide a platform that engages health professionals as an active learning community, and invites sharing of success stories and evolving solutions across varied global practice settings.


For this podcast, @GongGasGirlinterviews @jessahegedus about how they did it and why it is important.


This podcast was recorded for the Anaesthesia Journal.

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Tanya Selak

Consultant anaesthetist.

Trained in NZ/London/Australia. 

Associate Editor Anaesthesia journal.

Former head of anaesthetic department. 

Councillor Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. 

Originally from New Zealand, now working in Wollongong NSW. 

Interested in using social media to desilo medicine. 


Jessica Devlin-Hegedus