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Dr Greg Kelly – a paediatric intensivist at Westmead Children’s Hospital – is today’s guest, on the #Coda22 podcast, during which he discusses a little girl called Abbie, who has lived in ICU for almost two years, and how she represents a very important group of patients – who are a tiny fraction of admissions, but a huge proportion of the workload at Westmead Children’s Hospital. Such patients are complex in such a way that no-one knows exactly what to do with them; nor how to respond to them. He goes on to discuss the problems they see every day at Westmead Children’s Hospital, and what the practitioners can do about them.

Greg Kelly

Greg lives and works on beautiful Darug country in Sydney, Australia. He is a pediatric intensivist and co-lead of the cardiac ICU at Westmead Children’s Hospital as well as running the Pediatrica Intensiva podcast. He trained in pediatrics and ICU at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, pediatric palliative care at Westmead Children’s Hospital and pediatric cardiac ICU at SickKids, Toronto. He has previously been the medical lead for Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice and spent several years working in both the Northern Territory and at Queensland Children’s Hospital. He has become increasingly interested in how things work, how they fail, and how we can make them better. In 2019 he completed an MBA at Melbourne Business School. During in the COVID crisis he, along with several other frontline healthcare workers, organised a series of campaigns to prompt governments to take the threat seriously and to protect healthcare workers and served on a key COVID strategic advisory body. He sees the key challenges of the health system as better reflecting and serving the community, enhancing survivorship and dealing with the immense challenges that the climate crisis requires.