Airway MedicalCoda22

Are we safe when we intubate COVID-19 patients? Are CPAP, high-flow oxygen, and intubation AGPs? Two years into this pandemic, what should we be doing at work to keep ourselves safe? An international panel of experts presents their research, emerging evidence and review current practice. Andy Shrimpton presents the game-changing AERATOR studies, Forbes McGain presents his experience with the ventilation hood and Jo Simpson reviews the historical evidence regarding AGPs and her work on aerosol containment devices.

Finally, Tim Cook, who was awarded an OBE for services to anaesthesia during COVID-19, brings the session together with his take on the evidence surrounding healthcare worker safety during the pandemic.

This panel features Jo Simpson, Forbes McGain, Andy Shrimpton and Tim Cook and took place during the SAS Workshop at CODA22, which took place in Melbourne in September 2022. This is Part 2 of this discussion.