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Mark Forrest, Halden Hutchinson-Bazely & Jason van der Velde talk to us about 21st century simulation.

They discuss how tools such as augmented reality are advancing medicine and assisting clinicians.



Mark Forrest

Medical Director and joint founder of The ATACC Group and NHS Clinical Director in Critical & Medical Care, Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical and Prehospital Care.

Jason Van der Velde

Halden Hutchinson-Bazely

Halden is an anaesthetist and pre hospital doctor in the UK, and a course director for the ATACC Course. He is really interested in medical education which not only delivers information, but also the tools to be able to use that information under the pressure of when it’s really needed. He is fascinated by physiology at the extremes of survival: life threatening bleeding, traumatic low output states, and medical cardiac arrest. When he has given up trying to understand that lot, he goes kitesurfing instead!