MELBOURNE: 11-14 September 2022



Coda22 will allow us to connect face-to-face for a four-day medical conference event unlike any other. From the 11th-14th of September 2022, the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will host one of the most diverse programs that we’ve ever seen, featuring an incredible line-up of inspiring speakers.

Coda22 will start with 20+ clinical workshops across two days, covering topics including: Sustainable Healthcare, Primary Care, Ethics, End of Life, Airway Management, Paediatrics, Radiopaedia, Sepsis, Trauma, Prehospital & more! The workshops will then be followed by a bursting, two-day, plenary program of thought-provoking and inspiring content.


The program has been carefully designed to meet all your CPD/CME requirements by fusing three core professional development objectives:

  • Improving clinical knowledge and skills
  • Inspiring healthcare advocacy, leadership and action
  • Igniting professional connections


The SMACC conferences brought together the best educators, via the most innovative formats, to deliver engaging medical education like you’d never seen it before. #Coda22 amplifies this, now including professional development domains such as advocacy, wellbeing and ethical leadership. Post pandemic, this has never been more important.


Registration for early access tickets is now open for our September event.

We want to thank you for your continued support. We know how hard it’s been, but our healthcare community always rallies, and we can’t wait to see you there!


#Coda22, will be an unparalleled healthcare event guaranteed to inspire your practice. We welcome all healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, allied health practitioners, paramedics, researchers, administrators & students.


This blended CPD/CME platform will set a new standard in healthcare education by…

Improve clinical knowledge and skills (read more):

The development of improved clinical knowledge and skills is at the heart of who we are.

Clinical content remains an integral part of Coda22, not only across the two days of workshops but also across 60% of the main plenary program.

Our hands-on skills workshops, clinical update sessions and cadaver procedure labs, offers something for everyone and will allow you to tailor a clinical program to meet your individual CPD needs.

Inspiring healthcare advocacy and action (read more):

It is well recognised that technical skills are vital in healthcare but mastering the humanity of healthcare, is far more challenging.


In addition to clinical skills, professional development requires growth in areas such as Healthcare Advocacy, Ethical and Inclusive Leadership.


40% of the main plenary program will address these areas, inspiring you to lean into these challenging, but essential, areas of our practice.


Coda22 will deliver a captivating and thought-provoking healthcare program, filled with incredible speakers and compelling messages. But how do we put these messages into practice?

Coda will go one step further by implementing actions to mitigate threats to global health. Be a part of the change, as we strive for a healthier world. 

CPD/CME areas of communication, leadership, teamwork and advocacy will also feature across the two workshop days, again allowing delegates to design their attendance around their specific requirements.

Igniting professional connections (read more):

You won’t know what you are missing out on until you join us…

SMACC connected our healthcare community like never before by eliminating the interprofessional, interdisciplinary and hierarchical barriers.

Coda is no different.

We invite you to experience this community. A community which builds trust, fosters a sense of belonging and challenges you to think outside of the box. 


A festival of clinical learning, health advocacy and a celebration of our healthcare community.

So what are you waiting for? Register your interest below.