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Understanding where your emissions are generated so that we can systematically find solutions


Facing the threat posed by the climate crisis can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know how to start taking action. However, as healthcare professionals we are accustomed to systematically examining clinical problems and finding evidence-based solutions.

To begin understanding where carbon emissions are generated in the delivery of healthcare, we can start by examining our own personal impact. An average family of four is estimated to generate between 20 – 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year (up to 15 tonnes per person depending on geographic location). Australia, Canada and the United States all produce approximately 15 tonnes of CO2 per capita (p/c), compared to 6 tonnes p/c in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China, and 1.8 tonnes p/c in India. In Australia, a significant part of the enormous CO2 emissions p/c comes from the export of fossil fuels and aluminium. However, even taking that aside, the p/c emissions from the national electricity grid are very high.

The simple process of using a Carbon Calculator and applying it to ourselves provides a basic foundation for understanding where the most meaningful solutions to reducing emissions might lie.

The calculator below takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It emphasises the relative importance of emissions from; Powering your home, transport (car/air/public transport) and secondary consumption (household goods, food, personal items & clothing).

Australia has an average of 4.8 tonnes per person


Use the carbon calculator to examine your carbon footprint


Examine your carbon footprint in order to gain a basic understanding (carbon literacy) of the impact of our everyday lives on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE). This basic carbon literacy can then be applied to our fields of practice and solutions to reduce emissions.

Step 1: Take the Calculator challenge

Complete the carbon calculator for yourself and/or your entire household. Reflect on what areas of your daily life contribute the most to your emissions impact.

Step 2: Anonymously add your emissions data

Add your personal total emissions (CO2e) into the portal (your data is protected). The aggregate of all our CO2e however will be displayed on the website with some helpful comparisons.

Step 3: Share your experience and stories

Encourage others in your network to get involved.

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