Coda Primary Care


Coda is an actively engaged and rapidly growing healthcare community. Emerging from SMACC, our mission is focused on advocacy for action on the most urgent threats to global health.

Primary Care is at the frontline of caring for our patients, so who better than Primary Care Specialists to advocate against these threats! For this reason, the Coda community is reaching out specifically to our colleagues in Primary Care and Community Health.

At the Coda 2020 event we are dedicating a full day workshop to Primary Care Specialists, to engage and inspire, as well as educate and professionally advance you, the leaders in the Primary Care and Community Health.

Not an ordinary medical conference, expect the unexpected. The Melbourne Coda conference will bring all the energy and experience of the enormously successful SMACC conference, so rest assured it will be an unforgettable experience.

Save the dates in your professional calendars, and stay tuned for the program and ticket release. JOIN us to keep up to date with the news and developments.