CODA 2021

With the global uncertainty unravelling, we want to be as transparent and clear as possible, as we move forward with the Coda 2021 plans, by removing the placeholder for the dates announced earlier.

We are 100% committed to holding an in-person event which is of vital importance to our community, and will update you on the new dates as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we continue our work on uniting the community at CodaZero– innovative, interactive, virtual events designed to bring us closer, while staying physically apart. Episodes 1 and 2 were a tremendous success, with people joining from all over the world. Thanks to everyone who attended! Stay tuned for the new, exciting episodes, announced shortly.

Tune in to CodaPodcasts as we continue the rollout of SMACC2019 talks throughout the year, as well as releasing new, relevant and up-to-date content recorded over Zoom with our colleagues from all over the world.

Stay connected, join the community, and follow @codachange on socials.


Be engaged, connected and inspired

We all share a desire to improve health outcomes across the world, and Coda 2021 will be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to convert that desire into action.
Having experienced the enormous energy of an engaged community through the SMACC conferences, we know that inspiring the Coda community is pivotal to achieving our mutual goals – so we’re planning to supercharge every aspect of Coda 2021 to ensure that you’re connected and engaged like never before.
Coda 2021 will deliver:

  • The most captivating and thought-provoking healthcare program so far.
  • Incredibly inspiring speakers with compelling messages.
  • A huge variety of program formats to stimulate and engage.
  • Unparalleled production qualities guaranteed to capture your attention.
  • Unforgettable social events to relax, recharge and connect.
  • A community experience that is diverse and inclusive in every way.

CODA 2021 Program – what to expect

There are two distinct program components:

Workshops / Mini-congresses

The two day ‘Workshop’ and ‘mini-congress’ program will provide a diverse choice, from hands on small group clinical workshop experiences to data heavy technical updates in the mini-congresses. These workshops will cater for the needs of specific craft groups across all of healthcare including: Critical Care, Surgery, Medicine, Pre-hospital Medicine, Paediatrics, Family Medicine, Medical Administration, Research, Policy and many more.

In addition, there will be a variety of workshops on topics of interest to all delegates, such as Delivering Feedback, Communication Skills, Wellbeing, Creating Engaging Presentations, Compassion Lab and the Health Economics of Providing Sustainable Healthcare.

Of course, all of these workshops will be delivered in Coda style and inspiration for maximum engagement and impact.

Coda 2021

Expect to see the best speakers presenting on a diverse range of carefully chosen issues of vital relevance to the entire healthcare community. From clinical medicine, to learning, teaching, communicating, teamwork, crisis management, wellbeing, equity within medicine, dissemination of medical information, health economics and much more.

Importantly, the Coda community chose the climate emergency as the issue posing the greatest threat to global health today. Accordingly, for Coda 2021, approximately 25% of the plenary program will be dedicated to delivering action prescriptions for how the Coda community can take meaningful steps and implement practical changes to combat this crisis.

So, while action on the climate emergency is a central outcome for Coda 2021, it is still only a portion of the plenary program.

We recognise that the challenges facing global health are many, so our programming reflects this.

Coda Earth – a prescription for climate emergency actions

Coda’s approach to action on the climate emergency will be truly unique.

Not only will we be uniting the entire healthcare community to take action, but we will also be engaging in a new and collaborative way, so we can go further, faster.

We have already begun convening expert teams from around the world as the first step in a three-phase plan:

  1. The expert teams will develop a preliminary set of action plans for us all to review prior to Coda 2021.
  2. The ‘blueprint prescriptions’ will be curated and published in traditional journals as well as online, and then further publicised on social platforms.
  3. We will distill meaningful signals from the conversations that are happening around the action plans as a means of proofing and refining the final blueprints.

This multi-step process will enable the production of ‘expert designed – crowd sourced refined’ prescriptions for the planet. These final action plans will presented as part of Coda 2021.