The world has changed, and our medical community is at the front line. We are all being swamped via email, 24 hour newsfeeds and social channels with information (much of it conflicting) around the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, global organisations like WHO, national epidemiological centres and our medical colleges / professional societies are providing practice guidelines to meet the technical needs of the crisis.

Coda, and SMACC before it, have always put an equally strong emphasis on the non-technical aspects of our medical practice. Learning curricula domains such as:

  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Leadership and Management
  • Personal Development and Wellbeing
  • Teaching and Scholarship
  • Social Advocacy

Now, with Coda v COVID we need to know what conversations, information and specific plans, would help you in your practice most. Roger Harris, Mary Freer, Liz Crowe and Jesse Spurr will be hosting regular podcasts, with guest panelists, on the topics you want covered. Let us know below what matters to you, and we will cover it in the next podcast.