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COVID-19: A patient’s experience by Dr Celia Bradford & Dr Bing Brotohusodo

In this podcast, Celia Bradford talks to Bing Brotohusodo about a challenging time in his life.

Early in 2020, Bing contracted COVID-19.

This resulted in a two-month hospital stay and admission to the ICU.

Celia was one of Bing’s physicians and together, they reflect on Bing’s time in hospital and his recovery.

Bing was as a helpful patient. So much so, that he was able to prone himself!

However, Celia recalls how challenging it was treating Covid in those early days. Staff were desperately trying to work out what Covid was and how best to treat it. The question of “are we doing the right thing?” was always in the back of people’s minds.

Furthermore, this was exacerbated by the confusion of multiple treatments being promoted in the media. There were countless opinions about how Covid should be treated. Information was flowing fast, making it challenging to discern the best way forward.

Celia and Bing reflect on Bing’s time in ICU and his post-COVID recovery.

COVID-19: A patient’s experience by Dr Celia Bradford & Dr Bing Brotohusodo

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Celia Bradford

Celia Bradford is an intensivist at Royal North Shore and Sydney Adventist Hospitals. She has an interest in Neurointensive Care and Renal Medicine. Her research has been in these areas. In addition, she writes for “The Bottom Line”, an online blog that reviews and critiques critical care literature and is interested in converting research findings into clinical practice. She is an advocate for women in Intensive Care and provides mentorship for aspiring Intensivists

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Bing Brotohusodo