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Frightened, anxious, unsure, overwhelmed- just a few of the emotions we are experiencing at the moment as the front line of the global public health crisis. Could it be that all the surrounding noise is provoking the fear?

Roger, Mary, Liz and Jesse are discussing possible strategies on breaking free from the grips of the ever escalating anxiety during the COVID-19 times.


  1. Thank you so much for this podcast, really helpful during this difficult time for so many. Thank you for making it shareable

  2. Thank you. Such an important message at this time. We all need to find distractions away from all media content to help reduce our stress and anxiety.

  3. Very much enjoyed; awash with cleansing messages. Five reminders of resilience I have tried to introduce into my philosophical outlook in the current climate:

    1. Catastrophes are common: We face them daily in healthcare
    2. We’re stronger than you think: Human beings and teams are resilient
    3. Suffering can teach us: By putting life in perspective
    4. This too shall pass: Every trial we face is temporary

    Keep your powder dry.

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