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Echo in Cardiac Arrest by Behny Samadi

From #CodaZero Live, Behny explains the importance of Echo and lists some of the ways in which Echo can help us during a cardiac arrest. It is more than we think!

Echo is a quick, easy and simple tool, making it invaluable in many situations including cardiac arrests.

It is a bedside test that is non invasive and painless for the patient. Echo is easily taught to any doctor or nurse and done in real time at the bedside. Furthermore, it can be used to guide and inform management and treatment… so why isn’t everyone embracing Echo?

Behny challenges us to consider another bedside tool which compares to the effectiveness and usefulness of Echo.

Furthermore, in the chaos of cardiac arrests, Echo can help to exclude some of the 4Hs & 4Ts. It can help to check the rhythm, check the quality of compressions and assess for post-resuscitation care.

It is an invaluable tool in managing patients suffering from cardiac arrest.

Behny suggests that the focused 2D echo is our generations stethoscope. We need to open our minds and embrace the capabilities of Echo and challenge each other to learn how to effectively utilise this tool in times that matter.

Tune in to a fascinating podcast by Behny Samadi on the value of Echo in Cardiac Arrest.
As a self-confessed Echo enthusiast – Behny is here to share her knowledge on the benefits of Echo.

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Behny Samadi