Why did SMACC finish?

SMACC was started to innovate the medical conference space and to engage and inspire delegates. That mission was largely achieved in Dublin and Berlin, and so a new direction was needed to continue to grow and engage our community.


Watch Oli, Roger and Liz chat about Coda in the short explainer video

What is the new direction that Coda is taking?

The number one mission for Coda is to continue to engage and connect our medical community. Using many of the lessons learned from SMACC, Coda will deliver the same inspiring event designed to bring us closer together but with a difference. Coda will go further, utilising the natural energy of our connected community to power actions to mitigate against threats to global health.

Watch Oli, Roger and Liz discuss

Why should I be interested?

Coda will be like no other conference, so you can’t afford to miss it. The combination of 40 pre-conference workshops tailored to meet the diverse needs of all specialties and disciplines within healthcare, coupled with a plenary program guaranteed to engage your thoughts, emotions and your humanity as a healthcare provider – will make Coda a career lifetime experience! Add to that the connections you will make giving way to the sense of belonging you will feel, and you’ll realise that you just cannot miss this event.

Finally, attending Coda and joining the community will unite you in action with all of healthcare to mitigate against the most urgent threats to health.


Watch Oli, Roger and Liz discuss

The action agenda for Coda 2021 in Melbourne is focusing on the Climate Emergency, is this the only focus or are there other topics?

The Climate Emergency will only occupy 25% of the plenary program (or one session per day). We know that the bulk of the Coda community are passionate about planetary well being, but we also know that their interests are more diverse, and that to really engage our community we need to provide a program that will resonate with everyone in healthcare.


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More on climate change

How sustainable will the Coda event in Melbourne be, particularly given the need for air travel?

Coda is acutely aware of the need to champion reduced carbon emissions and the potential irony of doing this through an international meeting, itself generating carbon emissions at many levels including catering, venue, exhibition and delegate travel. To this end Coda is working on making the event as sustainable as possible, including locally sourced plant rich menus, recyclable exhibition, venue selections based on sustainability and the event itself taking responsibility for offsetting travel emissions (additional to encouraging delegates to do the same). We have some exciting partnerships in the works that will also assist in making this event as sustainable as posible.

Why did Coda choose to collaborate with a large traditional Journal like NEJM?

For the exact reason that the journal is large and traditional, reaching a medical audience that Coda and FOAMed are unlikely to connect with otherwise. There is no financial association involved with the collaboration but rather an academic collaboration to produce and disseminate the Coda Actions for discussion prior to their release at the Melbourne event.


Watch Roger, Oli and Liz talk about the New England Journal in the short explainer video.


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