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He blinded me with science (Critical care ultrasound) by Thomas Dolby

It’s a challenge to think of a single large multicentre RCT or therapy introduced to critical care in the last 20 years that has meaningfully improved outcomes, yet across the board our outcomes improve year on year, largely due to improvements in Process getting the diagnosis right earlier, instituting therapies that work sooner, and minimising iatrogenic injury.

The implementation of ultrasound into bedside clinical practice in emergency departments and intensive care units have accelerated that improvement in process, with new technologies now potentially putting personal ultrasound into the hands of medical students and junior doctors and changing the way medicine is learned and practiced.

Are you ready?

How will you supervise and train them?

How can you implement this technology in your practice?

Tom Rozen

A paediatric and adult physician intensivist and the Royal Childrens Hospital clinical deputy director of general PICU, with a passion for critical care ultrasound and echo.

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