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How to create your resilience habits by Phil Dobson

Over the course of #WellnessWednesday, Phil Dobson has brought us a series of videos designed to help us sustain our performance over time.

But, all of the benefits that we can reap through these videos will only happen if we make behavioural changes.

It is not willpower that builds a habit, it’s having a formula that works. Phil shares some tips for creating and maintaining habits.

The formula for successful habit formation:

Step 1 – Identify the goal, what is the habit you want to instil?

Then, step 2 – Identify the smallest version of your desired habit

Next, step 3 – Now identify all of your existing daily habits

Moreover, step 4 – Pair your desired new habit with your most appropriate existing habit

Finally, step 5 – Celebrate your success

In this podcast, Phil Dobson takes us through the process and psychology behind forming and maintaining habits. If you find it difficult to turn actions into routine habits, this is a podcast for you!

How to create your resilience habits by Phil Dobson

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Phil Dobson

Phil Dobson is the author of The Brain Book and Founder of BrainWorkshops. Based in London, Phil’s background is in psychology and hypnotherapy and he now works with businesses helping leaders improve their performance at work by applying what we know about the brain. In his spare time he loves to write and produces music. His guitar playing is influenced by the blues and his production style is influenced by electronic and dance music. He also loves to surf and does so wherever and whenever he can.

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