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Good quality sleep is important for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing BUT it is often hard to get, especially as we navigate stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

Our nervous system goes through a form of recovery when we sleep that is unparalleled in our waking hours.

Sleep is also good for emotional processing, which during a pandemic, is more important than ever.

In this video, Phil Dobson takes us through some practical steps to help us sleep better.

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Phil Dobson

Phil Dobson is the author of The Brain Book and Founder of BrainWorkshops. Based in London, Phil’s background is in psychology and hypnotherapy and he now works with businesses helping leaders improve their performance at work by applying what we know about the brain. In his spare time he loves to write and produces music. His guitar playing is influenced by the blues and his production style is influenced by electronic and dance music. He also loves to surf and does so wherever and whenever he can.

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