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The Muscle Whisperer Kym Siddons, talks with Mary, Roger and Oli about sprinkling self care into your day.

How important it is to be checking in with your body, and incorporating movement into your routine.

Little movements can make a lot of difference, like shifting up your body weight may provide a welcome relief, or a covert stretch alleviate lower back pain.

Great tips that are easy to implement- tune in.

Kym Siddons

Kym Siddons is a health professional fiercely committed to empowering people to maximise their wellness and performance in their work, home and study life by educating them about good ergonomics, posture and exercise.

With a combination of programs and services that help her clients achieve improved health, wellbeing and move towards being pain-free, Kym has developed her own proven system of incorporating functional movement into everyday life so her clients can achieve better performance in the workplace and at home.

Kym runs the Kym Siddons physio

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