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Medical retrieval response to major burns by Phil Parry

In this podcast, Phil Parry explains the incredible impact that a medical retrieval team can have on the outcome of patients suffering from major burns.

Firstly, Phil discusses the prevalence of burns patients. Notably, the team responded to 203 burns patients across NSW over a two year period.

Next, Phil explains the benefits of a medical retrieval response to prehospital burns patients. Including, what the response might look like and what treatment they are capable of in the field. Evidently, an effective response will set the correct treatment path and improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, despite being a small team, what they can offer to a patient is significant. This includes, senior medical decision making capability, advanced pain management and the ability for anaesthetic and airway control. The list goes on!

Moreover, the first step is to determine how much of the patient is burnt. Next, they commence treatment.

Tune in to a fascinating discussion on the role of prehospital retrieval teams. The impact that these teams can have on patient outcomes is astounding.

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Phil Parry

Phil is a Critical Care paramedic and has been with the NSW ambulance service for the past 30 years.
He has worked in retrieval for the past 15 years and his current posting is to the NSW Ambulance helicopter based in Sydney.