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Medics in Combat-Post Traumatic Stress by Ashley Liebig

Ashley Liebig passionately discusses medics in combat and post traumatic stress. Ashley got a tattoo recently. It was for a friend with whom she served in the army.

Although this infantryman was tough, and cool, after a horrible injury he lost his leg and “gained a life full of trauma and scar tissue… and chronic pain and wounds” This left Ashley with grief, and anger.

She slipped into an overwhelming sadness. Simple tasks and emails were piling up and she did not care. She was behind on her work. She was exhausted with the guilt. Work could wait.

She needed to work through these feelings.

This required her to be honest. Even if it made her feel vulnerable. She reached out to her colleagues to let them know what she was going through.

In the medical world everyone paints the picture that they have their shit together. They paint the picture that they are on top of their game, always. The problem with this is that it makes it really hard to be honest when you need help.

For Ashley, the moment came to reach out for help when she was so sad that she did not want to get out of bed. Her heart was broken.

Ashley’s personal story highlights that even the toughest can be hurt, can have pain, can cry and consider leaving their jobs. It also tells you that every time you are honest, it opens a window of opportunity. For help, sharing and healing. It is a powerful thing.

Ashley will continue to remind all that will listen about mental health and wellness. She wants you to share the burden, and to not carry the cross alone.

Join Ashley as she opens up about her deepest struggles, in the hope that you will too.

Medics in Combat-Post Traumatic Stress by Ashley Liebig

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Ashley Liebig

Ashley is a division chief, nurse, helicopter rescue specialist, veteran, organizer, educator, author, friend, high strung, never sleeping, career procrastinator, wanna-be over achiever and most importantly; Mom.She is massively proud to be on the organizing committee for SMACC and SMACCFORCE, and loves her FOAM family. She talks about some stuff and writes some things. She thinks writing about herself in third person is weird.