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Concussions have gained lay person attention over the past several years, due to high profile media stories from military conflict and professional sports.

Also known as “mild” TBI, concussion affects millions of patients worldwide, many never seeking formal medical care.

Concussion remains a unique injury, in that no one medical speciality “owns” the disease, leaving treatment variable across the world.

Concussion is not a mild injury, resulting in a spectrum of sequelae that plague patients for weeks and even longer in a minority of cases.

We will explore the downstream implications of concussion on families, employers, patients and finances, tying in clinical outcomes to social impact.

Bill Knight

Bill is an emergency physician and neurointensivist from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and has been a part of SMACC since Chicago.

He has the attention span of a squirrel, working clinically in 2 Emergency Departments, a Neuro ICU, a Surgical ICU, and taking call for the stroke team.

On the side, he serves as a concussion consultant to the National Football League with the Cincinnati Bengals.

He has been happily married for 16 years, with 2 amazing children. He and his wife enjoy juggling Irish Dance competitions, junior golf matches, school drama club, and band.

Bill is into golf, and with his handicap, he is more cost-efficient than most golfers – enjoying more strokes for his dollar per round. He also enjoys running obstacle course races and like a fine wine, he is trying to get better with age.