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FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) is an important tool that so many of us are passionate about.

The ability for medical education to reach countries around the world is powerful and is driving us towards a healthier future.

In this episode of PIP, Alexandra Presler encourages us to lean into the FOAMed community.

Everyone can utilise FOAMed, regardless of your position, so talk to everyone, branch out and help make the community bigger.

Cian McDermott

Cian McDermott works as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine in the Mater University Hospital in Dublin in Ireland. Following several years in Melbourne he returned to Ireland in search of better weather.
He is the social media editor of the International Journal of Emergency Medicine and surfs the POCUS literature as part of the lifeinthefastlane review team.
Cian shares a home with @shirleypotty, 2 cats and his road bikes.


Alexandra Presler