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Paediatric Trauma Resuscitation – Reflections and Resilience.

Resuscitating a critically injured child is one of the most stressful jobs in pre-hospital medicine. We are all human, many of us parents and the unbelievable emotional cost of a child who has life threatening injuries can take its toll. A year of serious paediatric trauma gave me an interesting perspective on paediatric trauma resuscitation and a new take on the word “resilience.”



Sam Bendall

Dr. Sam Bendall is an Emergency Physician, Retrieval Physician at CareFlight and NSW Ambulance, and the Director of Education at CareFlight. She is the wife of the most patient man in the universe and mum to two fabulous children. She is passionate about human factors, simulation and all things that make us learn more and do things better. Why is her favourite word.

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