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Prehospital Critical Care Response to the Active Shooter

Anthony Baca provides a focused talk on prehospital critical care response to the active shooter.

Coming from the United States of America setting this is unfortunately not a rare occurrence.

Anthony will discuss the real-world violence that exists, and what are the most important considerations for first responders in such situations.

Anthony speaks about prehospital critical care team responses to mass shootings. He explores how emotional and physiological barriers run amok making the simplest logistical and clinical decisions extremely difficult.

Moreover, Anthony provides real world advice should you ever find yourself called to a scene with an active shooter. This includes the importance of staying “left of bang”, incident recognition, initial confusion, and the critical nature of incident acceptance.

Further, he reviews staff and patient safety priorities and basic concepts of tactical combat casualty care (TCCC).

Finally, Anthony concludes with thoughts about your role as care provider when on duty as part of a pre-formed team, and what to do if off duty facing an active shooter.

Today is the day to ponder actions you must take the moment an active shooter begins taking lives at an astonishing rate; that moment when the choices you make next will be the most important of your career.

The choices you make today will affect the milliseconds and millimetres that determine survival… patient survival, your survival, and the survival of those waiting at home for you to walk back through the door.

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Anthony Baca

I am an overly obsessive critical care and law enforcement practitioner consumed by the desire to learn how to improve reliable performance in crisis.