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Prehospital resuscitation of TBI with Marty Nichols.

The prehospital management of patients with moderate and severe TBI can be complex.

In this podcast, Marty Nichols talks us through managing patients with TBI in a prehospital environment. This involves avoiding hypoxia and hypotension, ensuring a safe transportation and getting to the right treatment centre the first time.

Notably, due to the nature of the accident, often patients with a severe head injury also present with other injuries. Managing multiple injuries at the same time has implications for how TBI’s are managed and treated in prehospital settings.

First and foremost, clinician’s should prioritise the prevention of hypoxia and hypotension when managing TBI patients. This includes effective airway management, however, airway management and the prevention of hypotension present some of the greatest challenges to clinicians.

Marty discusses the challenges in treating patients with TBI in prehospital environments. Furthermore, he discusses the processes in place which help to ensure that these patients have the best possible outcomes.

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Marty Nichols

Critical Care Paramedic with NSW Ambulance with 20 years of prehospital experience. For the last 10 years Marty has worked as a HEMS paramedic as part of a critical care medical team comprised of a doctor and paramedic. Currently Marty is a Critical Care Paramedic Educator. In this role he trains Critical Care Paramedics and Doctors in critical care, austere patient access in remote areas, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), rescue crewman roles and the interface of the aviation and medical role in HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services). Marty is on the board of directors of the Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP) where he currently serves as the Vice Chair.