What if we spoke about dying with the openness and curiosity of children? How can we unlearn our social discomfort on tackling the one thing that will inevitably happen to every person? This panel will meander through humour, kindness, benefits and burdens, all in the name of helping healthcare have a good public-facing chat about…


Rachel challenges us to think deeply about the language of pathology we use when describing disability. Studies prove that the language used at diagnosis, or when delivering life changing medical information, or to describe disability or difference is vitally important and so often, used with negative outcomes. I teach that using effective communication, is just…

…Being Well

Liz wants to talk. Not about burnout. Not about clinicians breaking. Not about the tainted ‘wellbeing’ strategies of corporate health. About being well. About finding fun. About connecting with the deep meaning of what we do, swearing a little, crying a little and laughing a lot.


US journalist, activist and author of ‘This Chair Rocks – A manifesto against ageism’, Ashton Applewhite, is calling time on ageism with its damaging myths and stereotypes that cripple the way our brains and bodies function and portray a diverse cohort of citizens (‘the elderly’) as burdens to society.

2045: Emergency After The Singularity

Emergency after singularity is a future gaze into what emergencies and emergency healthcare may look like after the “singularity” – the hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Restoration Through Motion

This is a story of second chances – a refugee from Saddam Hussein’s regime, building a home in a new country, revolutionising prosthetics and osseous integration, humanitarian advocacy and becoming the 2020 NSW Australian of the year. Prepare to be inspired.

The Next Big Pandemic

Often when a global pandemic strikes and the hysteria ensues, there appears to be a flurry and an almost impossibly rapid response of public health advice, epidemiological tracking and morbidity/mortality prediction. Global pandemic expert, Isaac, draws back the curtain on work that goes into predicting the next big pandemic to “go viral”.


Explorer, professor and founder of the Climate Council of Australia, Tim Flannery seeks to help us see the big picture of planetary evolution and how humans can affect it — for better or for worse.

Being (a) Patient

Three stories that capture the tension and moments of humour, in the wrestle between a scientist’s desire for the most efficient and best evidence-based cancer treatment and a person’s need for time…the time to be seen by her treating clinicians as her evolving new self. Time is a most valuable currency.