Thursday 1 October


Waste Not, Want Not

Renae talks of an inspiring journey of change. Changing the way a large hospital and health service look at where consumables go. This journey has seen Renae move from a clinical radiographer, to recycling champion, to developer of therapy and sustainable gardens in healthcare spaces around Brisbane. This is a ‘flipping on the head’ way to look at our procurement supply chain.

Renae McBrien

Renae McBrien has worked as a Radiographer over the past 20 years and has since taken on a role as the Community, Horticulture and Environmental Consultant for the Queensland Children’s Hospital. She is passionate about connecting the health community with nature and has created over 11 Therapy and Sustainable Gardens in Brisbane that deliver meaningful care to our patients. Renae’s work to reduce hospital waste, increase recycling and deliver sustainable procurement showcases the simple approach to lower the carbon footprint of our health service. Her work has been captured by the ABC War on Waste and has reached a global audience of 4 million people. Renae has recently been awarded the Brisbane City Council Waste Innovation 2019 award, International Woman of the Year, Metro South Health Interprofessional of the Year and a 2019 Planetree Kindness Award.