Wed 30 September


Where Are You *Really* From?

Boori Monty Pryor is a descendant of the Kungganji and Birri-Gubba people of North Queensland. Through masterful storytelling, Boori gets us to look for the whole person inside the stories we tell. Boori weaves Dreamtime stories, with basketball legend, DJ life in 70s Sydney and a sharp humour to ask ‘where you really from?’ and heal through love, laughter and connection.

Boori Pryor

Boori Monty Pryor was born in North Queensland. His father is from the Birrigubba of the Bowen region and his mother from Yarrabah (near Cairns), a descendant of the Kungganji and Kukuimudji. Boori has worked in film, television, modelling, sport, music and theatre-in-education. He has written several award-winning books with Meme McDonald including Maybe Tomorrow, My Girragundji, The Binna Binna Man and Njunjul the Sun. His picture book collaboration with Jan Ormerod, Shake a Leg, won the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Children’s Fiction in 2011.