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Ethics: Conversation 4

In this conversation Lauren challenges us to consider: “What does hate look like in the world today?”

The conclusion she draws is that hate looks like pain.

Pain as a result of the pandemic, the marginalisation of women and girls, colonisation and the exploitation of people.

And who does hate hurt?

It hurts the individuals, whether they be practitioners or vulnerable patients.

It hurts the broader community through inequitable distribution of services, wealth and opportunities.

Finally, hate hurts you, it hurts all of us!

What puts me at risk, puts you at risk, because we all need to live in this world together.

So, how can we cure this ‘hate virus’?

Don’t miss this compelling conversation and the conclusions from the incredible panel.

Lauren Powell

Dr. Lauren Powell leads TIME’S UP’s work in the health care industry, which is focused on reducing sexual harassment and discrimination towards providers and patients alike in all health care-related fields. A lifelong champion of racial and social equity, Lauren joins TIME’S UP from the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Health Equity (OHE), where she pioneered innovative programs and initiatives to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in health across the Commonwealth. Lauren holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana, a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a Doctorate in Clinical & Population Health Research from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.