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A trauma patient has come in and they have a life threatening, non-compressible haemorrhage.

We have a Code Crimson on our hands.

In this scenario, your team and your performance can make a big difference to the outcome.

We need to rely on protocols, standardised care, implicit communication and shared expectations to manage this as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This is what Code Crimson is all about.

Caroline Leech

Caroline is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Coventry in the UK, with specialist interests in major trauma, resuscitation and research. She has twenty years experience of pre-hospital critical care and currently works as the Deputy Clinical Lead with The Air Ambulance Service. Caroline is one of the Associate Editors with the Emergency Medicine Journal; is on the Executive Board of the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care (RCSEd); and is Course Director for the popular West Midlands Emergency Surgical Skills Course.