Andri Snær Magnason is an Icelandic writer and film maker born in Reykjavik. Andri has written poetry, childrens books, novels and plays. His book LoveStar won the Philip K. Dick award and the Grand Prix l’Imaginaire in France for best sci fi of 2016. His newest book On Time and Water a best seller in Iceland in 2019, already sold to 24 languages. Time and water is non fiction, a story about glaciers, grandmothers and holy cows, weaving, science, mythology and personal stories in the light of climate change. Andri is a popular performer and his children’s books, the Casket of Time and The story of the Blue Planet both won the Icelandic literary award. Andri has been active in the discussion of the future of the Icelandic highlands. Andri comes from a family of doctors and nurses, he lives in Reykjavik Iceland with his wife and four children.