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Humans are complex. We all react to situations differently.

Creating stereotypes allows us to react to others is particular ways.

Role plays with actors allow us to experience and learn about how we react to these situations.

Renee Lim

Renee Lim is a medical doctor, performer, and educator . In addition to her work as the Director of Program Development at the Pam McLean Centre (one of the leading centres in Australia aimed at improving communication education in the Health sector), as a Senior Lecturer in Professional Development at Sydney University, and as a locum doctor in Emergency and Palliative Care Departments across NSW, Renee is also a well established performer, working on shows likes Pulse, Ask The Doctors, Food Investigators, Secret City, East West 101 and Please Like Me, and as a writer/director with KFilms.She is the CEO of Changineers, a social enterprise focused on providing educational innovation for organisations that are creating positive social change, and consults in Health, Education and Engagement across the NFP space, most recently with the Paul Ramsay Foundation and MSF.

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Jessica Stokes-Parish

Jessica is a Registered Nurse and experienced teacher and educator, in undergraduate and post-graduate settings, using interactive methods to achieve optimal learning outcomes. She has over 12 years’ experience in a range of industry sectors, complex domains and occupational settings. Jessica is active in clinical practice in Intensive Care Nursing and currently works as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Bond University.


Clare Richmond

Clare is an emergency physician and prehospital and retrieval medicine specialist working in Sydney, NSW. She is the director of training at Sydney HEMS and still returns to the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation centre to keep involved in the sim world. Her involvement in SMACC started with handing Simon Carley a large snake in Sydney and has continued through simulation and SMACCForce where we’ve pushed the boundaries of simulation in conferences. Outside of work she spends her time with her dog, Archie or practising and studying yoga.