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Airway management needs to be proven, predictable and as simple as possible.

Silence = death.

It is hard to open yourself up and ask to be coached through something but it can be lifesaving.

Laura Duggan explains how to Survive Trauma RSI and come out the other side.

Laura Duggan

Laura is an Associate Professor and cardiothoracic anesthesiologist at the University of British Columbia, a Canadian Royal College examiner, and is proud of her pediatric emergency medicine roots. She is currently the assistant head of the Canadian Airway Focus Group, a rather rowdy group of Canadians who publish airway management guidelines intermittently. For Laura, the finest areas of medicine are those simultaneously owned by various specialties and professions; resuscitation, airway management, echocardiography and communication in crisis. Her area of inquiry is airway management; particularly observational studies looking at what we actually do in high-risk clinical situations. When not immersed in clinical care, she can be found with at least one animal. Laura is very proud of her ever-expanding network of collaborating colleagues in various acute care specialties and countries; cocktails are sometimes involved. Her family truly is her rock.