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TBI Management: Beyond the Resus Room by Andrew Chow

In this podcast, Andrew Chow highlights the latest evidence for TBI. Andrew shares some clinical pearls for TBI management. Furthermore, he highlights a future direction for the management of patients with a traumatic brain injury.

Studies have shown that the demographic of TBI patients has shifted. We are now seeing an increase in the number of elderly patients with a TBI injury that need intensive care admission. These injuries usually occur as a result of bad falls.

Andrew suggests that with this change in demographic, we need to consider different injury patterns and treatment protocols.

Andrew provides a summary of the latest evidence impacting intensive care management of patients with TBI.

He shares some clinical pearls and provides a brief run through of multi-modal advanced neuro monitoring.

One thing is for sure and that is that our knowledge of TBI is still growing.

The future of TBI management is evolving and Andrew predicts that it will be individualised, patient centric and involve multi-modal monitoring.

From CodaZero Live, Andrew Chow provides an update on TBI Management and shares some key takeaways for how we manage these patients.

TBI Management: Beyond the Resus Room by Andrew Chow

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Andrew Chow