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The Next Industrial Revolution with Heidi Lee

Beyond Zero Emissions is an independent think tank that shows through research and innovative solutions how Australia can prosper in a zero-emissions economy. Over the past 10 years we have published research on how to decarbonise sectors of the economy such as energy, transport, buildings and heavy industry.

Healthcare is a significant energy consumer – around 7% of national emissions come from healthcare facilities and services. Within this important sector, energy use holds the most emissions reduction potential, while manufacturing has the strongest ‘multiplier effect’ – the ability to deliver widespread benefits from decarbonisation.

We can power our healthcare sector on 100% renewable energy right now.

Energy is used in health facilities for heating water, air, running medical equipment and keeping the lights on. It is also used in vehicles transporting supplies, patients and staff. With clean technologies available now, e.g. heat pumps and electric vehicles, there are readily-available means to run our healthcare system with renewable energy.

We can power our manufacturing sector on 100% renewable energy right now.

We know what happens when global supply chains are disrupted. A strong onshore manufacturing sector is not only important for a zero-emissions economy, but for all Australian industries – including healthcare. Today, imports meet approximately 80% of domestic demand for medical devices and diagnostics, while nearly all medical technology products manufactured in Australia are exported.

When our healthcare system can source more of its construction materials, products and equipment from local suppliers, we shorten supply links, speed up transport time and provide more onshore jobs supporting this sector.

Beyond Zero Emissions is working with partner organisations around Australia to revitalise our manufacturing sector with 100% renewable energy. We’re building alliances of industry, government and community to support the decarbonisation of local manufacturing and supply chains in regional hubs where it’s needed most.

Resilience for healthcare depends on resilient energy and manufacturing supply chains – and achieving that means more renewable energy powering our economy.

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Heidi Lee