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The Power of Peer Feedback in Medicine.

In order to be as good as you can be (self actualisation) you need to understand your own performance and how you are seen in the world. Sadly you cannot do this alone.

Arguably all the beliefs about yourself, your actions, your performance and even your own image are skewed, biased and incorrect. You cannot reach your peak without help. Healthcare is complex though.

In the resus room decisions are often time critical and information light such that we cannot apply a simple rule as to what is good and what is bad. Similarly, who can judge success? Only those who understand our systems, our aims and what the difference between process and outcome is. That’s where Peer Review comes in. As a tool it is a way of gaining insight into how you really perform in the real world.

This talk explores the why, the when and gives tips on the how you can maximise the Power of Peer Feedback in Medicine.

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Simon Carley

I’m a Professor of Emergency Medicine from Manchester, England working in both adult and paediatric trauma centres. In MedEd I have manhy hats. I’m editor in chief on the St Emlyn‚Äôs blog and podcast, co-founder of BestBets, St.Emlyns and the MSc in emergency medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University and am an Associate Editor for the Emergency Medicine Journal. My research interests include diagnostics, MedEd, Major incidents & Evidence based Emergency Medicine. Talk to me about anything above, or cycling, or travel, or food or my family. After SMACC I’m travelling round Vietnam and Cambodia with Fiona (Prof. and Ophthalmologist in Manchester) and my two teenage girls.