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What is Creativity?

Everyone has the potential to live a creative life. As healthcare professionals, how might we do so?

In this talk Grace Leo chats about what creativity is and what it might look like in various areas of our lives.

She also interviews Hugh Montgomery, a climate change advocate, story book author and Guinness world record holder for playing the piano underwater.

Hugh Montgomery

Hugh is ICU Professor at University College London, with a Nature papers describing the first gene for human fitness. He has been involved in environment/health issues for 20 years, and chairs the Welcome Trust/Lancet Countdown on Climate and Health. He’s a father of two, a mountaineer and a fading ultra-marathon runner, and the author of two childrens’ books and a thriller (out Aug 2019). He also holds the world record in underwater piano playing.


Grace Leo

Grace is a Paediatric Registrar based at Sydney Children’s Hospital with a passion for medical education, good presentation and innovation. She has been part of the SMACC OC for the last 5 years, as well as being a senior content editor and part of the conference team for Don’t Forget The Bubbles the last 2 years. Grace enjoys board games, cooking, cheesy jokes and doing some freelance design work.