Critical Communication Skills

0800 - 1200
Liz Crowe, Jenny Holman, Angela Tonge, Nick Pigott, Sue Wilson, Roger Harris, Louise Sayer
CPD Domains
Professionalism / Communication

This will be a communication workshop tailored specifically to the critical care environment and unlike anything you have experienced before. This workshop will explore who you are as a communicator, active listening, listening as part of assessment, when to talk and when to listen. There will be a strong focus on remaining empathic and connected to those you are communicating with, teaching you how to attune yourself to individuals and groups to maximise communication outcomes. We will provide you with a framework of how to structure difficult and awkward conversations that will leave you empowered and confident. This workshop will cover challenging conversations with patients and with colleagues, it will prepare you for all aspects of critical care communication. This workshop has received excellent feedback since 2015.

Consider then going to ‘Communication Intensive’ workshop in the afternoon if you want extensive simulation experience and feedback.