End of Life Care

0800 – 1200
Jenny Holman, Louise Sayers, Steve Philpot
CPD Domains
Clinical Skill & Knowledge / Leadership & Management / Health Advocacy / Communication

End of Life Care is everyone’s business. This workshop will be relevant at the bedside in ED, ICU and palliative care and GP’s rooms. This workshop is next level. Our superb faculty will be going beyond the basics. Punchy presentations on hot topics like assisted dying, withholding and withdrawing treatment, resuscitation planning, palliative sedation, organ donation, navigating legal and ethical minefields, advanced EOL communication and shared decision making, bereavement and who cares for the staff when it is all said and done. It will challenge you to think and reassess your practice. You will leave having built a new level of expertise and confidence to provide ultimate End of Life Care.

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