A Healthy Response to Climate Change: Clean Energy

1300 – 1700
Courtney Howard, Fintan Hughes, Joe Vipond, Fergus Greene
CPD Domains
Leadership & Management / Health Advocacy

Climate Change is the biggest health threat of the century and tackling it is our biggest health opportunity. A renewable energy transition is a crucial step to carbon neutrality, and one which can be accelerated massively through coordinated action by the 59 million global healthcare workers.  The Coda community is poised to catalyze the action required to set humanity on a safer, healthier course. To do this, we must shift power, shift money, and shift fuel.

Key questions for discussion:

  • How to move your house/hospital/healthcare system to zero carbon energy ?
  • What does healthy investment and responsible banking look like in 2020?
  • Is natural gas really a “transition fuel”? What data exist on the local health impacts of hydraulic fracturing?
  • How can health workers help the world power past coal to cleaner air and a healthier climate?

Come and learn from health workers from around the world who have led work at local, national, and international levels, and meet your new community of change-making colleagues.

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