Get Creative

1300 – 1700
Michelle Johnston, Oli Flower, Grace Leo, Amy Neilson, Jeremy Faust, Tor Ercleve, Ross Fisher, Hugh Montgomery
CPD Domains
Professionalism / Leadership & Management / Health Advocacy / Communication

It is no longer business as usual. In response to the challenges of our age, the creative communication workshop for Coda has been reinvented and reinvigorated. Although we will cover similar concepts to the previous SMACC Get Creative workshops: how to write well for non-fiction, fiction, stories, articles, parables, truth, and daring, as well as unleashing your visual artist, presenting creatively, and harnessing your own creativity, this new workshop, with its formidable faculty and unbridled energy, has evolved to be as relevant as possible to the great humanitarian and planetary crisis ahead of us. Communication remains the beating heart of the #FOAMed movement, and now the stakes are raised. We aim to provide you with the tools to create new and powerful material. In the words of Mary Oliver, “art is needed, not just to keep the world turning around, but to move the world forward.”