Sepsis and Antimicrobial Resistance – Resolving the Conflict

1300 – 1700
Simon Finfer, Naomi Hammond (more to come)
CPD Domains
Clinical Skill & Knowledge / Scholarship & Teaching / Leadership & Management / Health Advocacy

Sepsis is a major threat to global health with 50 million episodes and 11 million associated deaths in 2017; 20 million of these episodes and 2.9 million deaths occurred in children aged less than 5. The only effective strategy to reduce the burden of sepsis is rapid recognition and treatment with effective and appropriate antimicrobial agents. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an increasingly serious threat to global public health with new resistance mechanisms emerging and spreading globally, these threaten our ability to treat common infections making routine surgery less safe, prolonging illness, and increasing the risk of disability, and death. The workshop brings together sepsis and AMR experts from around the world to help you provide the best treatment to patients with sepsis while understanding the risks and drivers of AMR. If you treat patients with sepsis you won’t want to miss this workshop.

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