Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare: patient-, public-, and planet-centred care

0800 – 1200
Forbes McGain, Andrea MacNeill, Jodi Sherman, Courtney Howard
CPD Domains
Professionalism / Leadership & Management / Health Advocacy

Healthcare activities generate nearly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  The health sector has a responsibility to lead by example, minimising its own footprint by redesigning clinical services, re-imagining models of care, and adhering to evidence-based environmentally preferable products and processes.  Health workers also have the opportunity to act as trusted messengers–making clear to populations and policymakers the risks posed to health by climate change, and the health opportunities inherent in climate action. This session will enlighten physicians to the environmental impacts of their clinical decisions and empower them to take meaningful climate action both within their professional sphere and in the world beyond hospital and clinic walls.

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