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The Global Climate and Health Alliance

About Coda


Founded by the same team that created the SMACC worldwide conference series,Coda is a global community of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving clinical education.

Coda however, will go one step further than SMACC, by crafting actions to mitigate threats to global health. Be a part of the change, as we strive for a healthier world.


Coda was born with one goal in mind: to take discussion and turn it into action. This extends to creating engaging clinical content but also to tackling broader issues that threaten global health.  

We are proud to have released 700+ clinical podcasts which have identified countless areas for improvement in our practice. It is time to implement solutions to drive real-world change. 


How can you be involved?

1. Attend our Conference: CODA22 is coming to Melbourne on 11-14 September 2022. Expect clinical content like you’ve never seen it before and practical actions to implement at home and at work.

2. Join the Conversation: Our social community is where the good stuff happens!

3. Tune in to our Podcasts:

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4. Join our Community:

5. Share your Story:

As part of our ongoing #CodaPodcast series we are looking for some members of the Coda Community to share their stories. It could be anything – experiences, cases or lessons… nothing is off limits! If you have an idea, click here.