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Panel discussion: key features of a team or corporation that facilitate creativity and innovation; exploring how creativity marries up with change management (which sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap‚ is it all buzzwords and no action?).

Professor Des Gorman

Professor of Medicine at the University of Auckland.Former Head of the School of Medicine at that university.Research interests in brain injury and health systems design and funding.Former Naval Officer (submariner and diving officer).

Phil Dobson

Phil Dobson is the author of The Brain Book and Founder of BrainWorkshops. Based in London, Phil’s background is in psychology and hypnotherapy and he now works with businesses helping leaders improve their performance at work by applying what we know about the brain. In his spare time he loves to write and produces music. His guitar playing is influenced by the blues and his production style is influenced by electronic and dance music. He also loves to surf and does so wherever and whenever he can.

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Oliver Flower

Oliver Flower is a staff specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. He, along with Roger Harris & Chris Nickson started SMACC and Coda; he came up with the name & logo, finding inspiration in a chewing gum packet, and is the driver behind the design, graphics, branding and marketing of SMACC and Coda. He is a believer in the power of the big crit care community and is a believer in Cadogan’s FOAMed ethos. He runs the educational and networking crit care website Intensive Care Network.


Jess Webb

An experienced professional with a deep knowledge of corporate and financial communications, marketing, media relations, & stakeholder engagement, complemented by a strong background in Banking & FinancialServices, Agribusiness and Consulting. MBA, Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt.

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Carol Hodgson

Professor Carol Hodgson PhD FACP PT is Co-Deputy Director of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre at Monash University. She has developed and led international Phase II and III trials to test early interventions to improve long-term outcomes and the quality of survival.

She leads grants (> $15M) for international, randomised trials and a binational registry.

Her work as a specialist ICU physiotherapist leading clinical research in Australia and New Zealand has led to a paradigm shift in the treatment of ICU patients, especially rehabilitation practices.

She has over 100 publications in this field and experience developing international guidelines for mechanical ventilation, early mobilisation and the management of sepsis.