CODA Action

Coda was born with a very simple mission: to put thought into action.

Coda’s four key pillars: Earth, Educate, Ethics and Cure all have a different focus but the same goal, to implement change, one step at a time

Coda Earth

1 in 5 deaths globally are a result of fossil fuel air pollution. The climate crisis is a health crisis and we need to act now.

Coda Cure

Coda Cure addresses communicable and noncommunicable diseases, the current focus is the global burden of sepsis.

Coda Ethics

The Coda Ethics pillar addresses inequalities within healthcare with particular reference to gender identity, race and accessibility

Coda Educate

The Coda Educate pillar focuses on the dissemination of high quality education and the impacts of artificial intelligence on both learning and clinical practice

The Plan

There’s no denying that Covid has thrown us all, but we remain committed to implementing actions to mitigate threats to global health. 

This is not an easy feat but this is a core part of Coda’s mission and we are working hard behind the scenes to finalise our action agenda.

Stay tuned!

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