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Emergency Musical Interlude by Dr Suman Biswas

Dr Suman Biswas is a UK based anaesthetist known for his musical talents.

He and a fellow medical student began performing hilarious medical parody songs, perhaps the most famous is his ‘London Underground song’. The two students were catapulted to fame as the “Amateur Transplants” but sadly parted ways in 2011.

Suman works full-time as an NHS England Anaesthetist. Here he performs live on-stage at the enormously popular medical conference SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) in Berlin Germany 2017.

The audience of over 2000 medical delegates goes wild – and for good reason!

Tune in to hear some of your favourite songs masterfully re-purposed for Suman’s medical parody.

We guarantee that you will laugh at the witt and irreverant humour. Suman’s clever performance is really a stand-out.

Emergency Musical Interlude by Dr Suman Biswas

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If you’d like to hear more from Suman you can check out his website here!

Suman Biswas

Anaesthetist. Vocalist, lyricist, pianist, formerly ½ of Amateur Transplants (London Underground Song etc – I used to be your ringtone)